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    Paint protection is a must for anyone who truly cares about the appearance of their vehicle. Your car is confronted with threats from all sides the moment it leaves the lot. Bugs, rocks, birds, and even the sun will wreak havoc on your flawless paint work. Fortunately, Levant Auto Care as solutions to these issues that will keep your paint looking new and damage-free for years after you drive it home.

    Types of car paint damages.

    The beauty of these paint protection films (PPF) is that they protect against a wide variety of common types of damage. Whether you’re driving through trails in the desert or a well-kept city road, PPF can keep damaging agents away from your paint job. Some of the materials it protects your vehicle from include the following.

    Salt & Sand

    Salt is a corrosive material that can eat through the paint and into the metal, causing it to flake off and possibly form rust. If left long enough, it could create a hole in the metal. Sand can similarly cause damage, and if you drive in places prone to sandstorms or near beaches, it could easily wreak havoc on your entire vehicle.

    Stone Chips

    Road trips are fun, but they can quickly turn bad when you’re driving on anything besides the best-laid roads. Rocks will fly in all directions, and your car could sustain damage.

    Ultraviolet (UV) Damage

    Don’t let the sun take its toll on your car. With a little protection, you can keep the paint looking new and shiny. Apply a coat of Paint Protection Film and you’ll never have to worry about cracking or fading again.

    Environmental Fallouts

    Environmental fallout typically refers to substances like acid rain, brake, and rail dust and pollen. Acid rain can include both wet and dry acidic pollutants and is really harmful to your car.

    Insect Stains

    Bug remains work similarly. Decaying insects also contain chemicals that can damage the coat of paint on a car.

    Bird Droppings

    Bird droppings are more damaging than they look, and they can affect your car’s paint in many ways.

    How does PPF Protect My Car?

    When you add a clear protection film on your car, you create a protective barrier that keeps the damage away from the paint. That thick layer of polyurethane absorbs the damage. Here’s the best part, though — the self-healing paint protection film won’t show minor damage. Scratches disappear and chips fill in. The unique formulation of 3M™ Pro Series paint protection films allows them to adjust to these incidents.

    Another reason people turn to these films is that they allow you to show off the natural beauty of your car’s original paint job. You don’t need to change it to add protection, and the film is crystal clear to let the original color shine through — no cloudy colors or tints in sight. You can even wax and wash your car like normal. The idea of these films is to be unnoticeable. They add protection without altering the look of your car.

    Frequently Asked Questions on Paint Protection Film

    Is paint protection film on cars worth it?

    Your car is an investment. It needs to be kept in immaculate condition. Applying paint protection film is well worth it to keep your car looking new.

    How much does PPF cost in UAE?

    The cost of paint protection film in Dubai would depend on a number of factors, such as the size of the car and the type of material used. Our friendly PPF experts at Levant Auto Care can give you an idea of the cost of your custom work; just give us a call at +971 4 2507007 for a quotation.

    What is paint protection film?

    Paint protection film, also referred to as clear bra, is a thin layer of flexible material placed over a vehicle’s body panels to protect from elements that can damage the paint job of the vehicle. This thin layer will keep you vehicle looking new for years to come.

    Is paint protection film worth it on a new car?

    It is always best to apply paint protection film (clear bra) when the car is still new as it will save you a lot of money and headache in paint repair.

    How long does 3M paint protection film last?

    The 3M comprehensive warranty for Scotchgard paint protection film pro series is valid 10 years from the date of installation and covers against defects, yellowing, bubbling and cracking.

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